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Effective and Transparent

Professionally I try always to keep a clear language and an high rate of effectiveness and transparency and I am always keen to help bring to live nice ideias.

Solution Architect

Understanding real needs and present the best and scalable solution committed to reality to boost comapnies success and productivity.

Reliability and safety in the Cloud

Ensuring that data stays safe is on my daily agenda. Specialized in Office 365, Azure, G Suite and some nice integrations with Cloud SaaS providers.

Networks and Systems

From BYOD policies to security and VoIP not forgetting corporative Wi-Fi I strive for the best solutions and try to preach them in clear and non complex language.

Hello and welcome

This is my first post on my brand new homepage. It’s meant to be a blog about IT in general with a strong focus on my core specialities. I’d like to welcome you all and to commit publicly in providing useful information for you. Also, you can register on this site so you can comment, share […]

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