About Me

I am an ITimg_20160911_142154 professional with a strong passion for network management, systems administration and especially solutions architecture.

More than twenty years of experience in very demanding environments led to my specialization in network engineering (from all ISP and MSP work experience) and systems. In many occasions, I have given proofs of my leadership capabilities and people know me for being a very effective and realistic solution architect. Often I am referred as a problem solver and preventor or simply “The machine

Presently I am head of operations at Object-Matrix.com. A very nice company with a dream team and responsible for a unique product worldwide!

In the past, I was involved in very nice projects, from managing a small MSP in Portugal to be a technical manager of several Portuguese IT companies. Despite being born in 1974 I am always trying to evolve and constantly challenging myself. Age is just a number and my energy level still as high as 20 years ago.

I also have about 10 years of teaching experience under my belt as a professional trainer, throughout entities like the Portuguese government and private Banks.

My hobby is implementing just for fun Virtualization environments based on Vmware XEN and QEMU to support lab Active Directory environments, VoIP, application servers, VDIs etc. This activity is meant to keep in touch with the evolution of technology and so be engaged in a constant self-learning process allowing me to be on the edge of nowadays demanding.

I consider myself very aware of the new role for IT professionals inside companies. Not anymore an underground activity and more and more a seat on the table with management one.



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