Plesk change backup Location

Plesk change backup Location

In many cases, some of my acquaintances asked me how to change Odin Plesk backup default location. Today I’ll explain for the Linux based versions.

Many times WebHost servers owners running Plesk from Odin add and mount an extra hard drive or logical volume to their servers to use as a backup storage repository.

So far so good. Adding extra storage to any Linux based server is relatively easy and I won’t cover that aspect at this moment.

Where most of the doubts rise and often I am questioned about them is how to change Plesk default backup Location. It’s quite easy. I’ll explain all the steps needed:



Find the psa config file on your system. It should be present on:




Find the Variable DUMP_D and DUMP_TMP_D

You can easily find it by running the command ( as an example ):

# cat /etc/psa/psa.conf | grep -w DUMP_D

and you may get an output similar to this one;

DUMP_D /var/lib/psa/dumps



Now all you have to do is use your favourite text editor and change the path on that variable. For example:

DUMP_D /volume/plesk_backups_folder_created
DUMP_TMP_D /volume/plesk_backups_temp_folder_created


Don’t forget to change the ownership of that directory on your system so Plesk can use it:

# chown psaadm.psaadm /plesk_backups_folder_created



Now all you have to do for your Plesk server start using this path as default backup destination is to restart the service:

# /etc/init.d/sw-cp-server restart



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