The new Role for IT Professionals inside companies

The new Role for IT Professionals inside companies

There is no doubt that for who deals with IT in companies a paradigm change is happening and it’s deeply affecting how work is done. In the centre of this change, there is a  very common word that everyone at least heard of: Cloud

It’s pretty much standardized that all companies use in all aspects technology. Owning and making available that technology in many cases is becoming simply not enough and is no longer a differentiating factor. It’s now demanded from companies to stay on the edge of newly available technology and at the same time ensure that its alignment with the actual needs is nothing but perfect.

There is a real technological revolution going on, not felt since Microsoft released their Office products or even since the Internet (as we know) started to be available for everyone. This revolution for sure is changing forever the role of the IT professional in organizations. New competencies are now demanded and more traditional roles from this professionals are for sure being deprecated.

These new competencies are being converted into new responsibilities that are bringing the IT professional to another level inside companies. Their daily work is no longer merely architecturing and optimizing internal systems or providing support to final users but it’s becoming progressively common in having a part on decision making and improvement of processes for the company. This said clarifies that the IT professional is not anymore that guy sitting in the basement all day long and is now converted into an internal consultant or analyst. Therefore his opinion will be taken into consideration when decisions are made, helping to lead the company to success.

This becomes even more easy to understand and accept when we consider that nowadays companies are more and more abandoning self-hosted systems and are becoming part of a global ecosystem where companies can find solutions addressing their needs about infrastructure, production software and an all universe as SaaS solutions. Let’s consider that with this present trend maintaining a self-hosted systems infrastructure is no longer a need and therefore all time consumed managing these systems can now be used to add more value to the organization’s life. This makes clear that the IT professional is now able to better align himself with the philosophy and objectives and like that provide intelligent and effective solutions considering also the escalation of those solutions before the real needs of the company.

Ensuring the choose of Cloud platforms fitted to the company needs, train staff instead of resolving IT problems and be apart of the goal strategy establishment is for sure now the great role for the IT professional inside an organization.

Some may think this is somewhat reductor. But indeed it is not. If you think about this deeper a Digital Native personna inside a company, being aware and comfortable with this all-new Cloud technology, soon will become a really powerful ally when the time to create evolutive processes rises.

The key for the success of this new paradigm for IT professionals as you can understand is now very closely related in keeping them in the loop of the decision making processes and goal defining, trusting their ability to understand and manage all the infrastructure hired as a service and its perfect alignment with all the needed processes.


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